How To Make Italic And Bold Letters In Your Gmail Message


Italicizing or bolding something in messages means the creator wants to take your focus to that point. The bold and italics feature if great advantage as it draws the attention of users to itself. It is very useful when you want to convey any important information through message. Gmail offers both Italics and Bold option straight above the message field so that users can easily use the features.


There are still many users who are not able to make a proper use of these features. The users do not have to worry as Gmail customer support New Zealand will give step by step instructions to the users so that they can easily use these features offered by Gmail. If any trouble occurs while following the steps the users can contact Gmail customer care number for immediate assistance. They will resolve your problem in a quick time frame. Apart from this the Gmail tech support provides solution to all Gmail related issues.


Step 1: First, open your browser and visit